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why hello there!

February 27, 2008

well for starters my name it emma is you didnt already guess. 😀 haha a little info on my self. so lets go!

mkay. i am a mostly friendly person. i will talk to almost anyone. i am a french class at my school and i absolutely love it. i frequently try and speak it. even though i dont know much.[some blogs may be in french]  i am a very random person. i will talk about one thing and go into something that i thought about  maybe the day before. i also take art at my school and love it too! i have awesome friends and love them to death. i play the flute and the piano and trying to learn the guitar. i act very white/geekish but it really dosent bother me. i love to dance and i really dont care who watches. dont sing no. ha i am in the band at my school too. uhh.. i will probably add more later. 😀